Marie Mattinson

I collaborate with my clients to create a home that will elevate their spirits


  • Protecting the natural environment
  • Good health
  • Elegant Design & Architecture
  • Family & community


1989             Graduated as Interior Designer

1990-1998     Employed as an Interior designer working on

                        -Corporate office & Hospitality interiors

                        -Retail stores & Shopping centres

1998-today  Building designer

I have always been drawn to the character & form of weatherboard cottages & have enjoyed assisting my clients to renovate &/or extend old cottages to create practical homes suited to todays lifestyle. Often this involved altering the homes’ floorpan to provide access to more natural light & breeze paths, connect living spaces to the garden & creating open space living areas that are conducive for family interaction & gatherings of friends. I also have an admiration for some minimalist forms of modernist architecture. Where appropriate I have combined elements of the two architectural styles, creating homes that are elegant & comfortable.

I have always been passionate about good health & protecting the environment. So updating my design knowledge & skill set in recent years to provide sustainable design services has been a natural progression. More recently I have been researching building systems to create ‘high-performance buildings’ which can be energy neutral or ‘energy positive buildings’ (create more energy than they use, which offsets the occupants carbon footprint produced outside of their homes, such as air travel). I completed the intensive ‘Passive House Designer course’  March 2020. Read about ‘Passive House’ here.

As an accredited member of the BDAA Building Designers Association of Australia & a member of APHA Australian Passive House Association I am continually  increasing my depth of knowledge in Sustainable Building Design. Read my blogs under resources tab. I am a member of Living Future Institute Australia who are part of the ILBI. Their aspirational standards have been produced to inspire us all to create buildings that ‘give more than they take’. Take a look at this link LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE

I am committed to our planets regeneration & energised by creating good design outcomes for my clients. Designs that surpass their visions, produce buildings or spaces that are elegant, enhance  lives, are healthy, environmental, economically sound, embrace interconnectedness & have longevity.

I would love the opportunity to assist you with your project

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