34 Collaroy St. Collaroy

New build - Completed in 2010

This home was designed to take in the calming ocean view

This home was designed so that the ocean view could be enjoyed from most rooms, including from the bath in the main ensuite.

Fortunately the views on this site are to the north, so no compromise between solar access & views were required. The site is steep & falls to the north. The house was designed to step up the site which allows solar access into all living spaces as well as the bedrooms. The harsh summer sun is deflected with large eaves on the north & no windows facing west except for the ensuite.

Louvre windows are located strategically to invite the prevailing summer breezes & encourage cross ventilation. Ceiling fans assist air movement keeping the occupants cool. The fans are switched to reverse in winter to encourage warm air to move downwards reducing the need for mechanical heating.

The house is fully insulated to a high standard to reduce the need for mechanical heating & cooling. The only mechanical cooling installed is ceiling fans.

Energy efficient lighting that has been installed includes compact fluorescent & LED light fittings. The appliances selected are energy efficient.  A clothesline is installed to facilitate natural clothes drying rather than using an electric clothes dryer.

The external cladding is weatherboards. Floorboards are AFS blackbutt finished in low VOC (low tox) oil. Concrete was kept to a minimum, just in the garage & cellar, as it is a high carbon material.

Water tanks supply the swimming pool & gardens

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