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Extreme Heat- the need to make our buildings heat-safe

We need to improve the standard of our buildings to protect people from extreme heat events.

Part of the solution is to utilise the ‘Passive House’ building system,  which regulates interior temperatures to 20-25 degrees & uses 90% less energy than a standard building. It can be a net zero carbon building & even energy positive, when combined with solar PV  returning renewable energy back to the grid.

In addition to providing comfortable temperature year around, the ‘Passive House’ system provides a healthy indoor environment with filtered, dehumidified, fresh air supply. It also has the added benefits of eliminating the risk of condensation, mould, noise pollution & cold drafts in winter. If you are interested in knowing how to build or extend using these updated building technologies please contact me to discuss.

Marie Mattinson


Take a look at what Professor Santamouris has to say about protecting people from extreme heat events


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