« | 24th March 2020

Passive House provides the missing link in current building practice


If you are looking for a home or workspace that provides:

  • Healthy air quality
  • Comfortable interior temperature all year round
  • Financial stability-Elimination of rising energy bills
  • Sustainability


As a ‘Passive House designer’ I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how this systematic approach could be applied to your project. Despite the name, it is a system that is suited to residential & commercial buildings. The ‘Passive House’ system of building results in buildings that provide healthy air- even near main roads, comfortable temperature all year round- even on extremely hot or cold days & because it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, due to approx 80% less energy usage- is environmentally responsible. This way of building prevents moisture /condensation build up in the structure, therefore resulting in structure longevity & being a sound long term investment.

Existing Building practices in Australia, combined with the push to increase insulation without understanding building science, in the past few years, has resulted in more & more buildings with condensation & mould problems. This has lead to a significant increase in toxic interior environments. Passive House avoids these potential risks. Also toxins that may be emitted from furnishings are removed via the filtered air system.

I can demonstrate how this building methodology has the ability to save you money especially if implemented at the start of a project. It is also great for re-sale marketability as people begin to discover the huge benefits of living or working within a Passive house building.

Take a look this video with more information on the benefits

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