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Reasons why you should consider building or upgrading your home & workspace to Passive House standard?


With unprecedented thermal balance, due to appropriate insulation & mitigation of thermal bridges, there are no cold or hot spots. Temperatures are stable (20-25 degrees) & consistent from floor to ceiling, irrespective of the weather outside. PH certified buildings remain habitable & comfortable during a power outage during a summer heatwave or in the dead of winter for much longer than conventional buildings.

Healthy air quality 

According to the EPA, indoor air quality impacts the health & cognitive funtion of all occupants but even more so children because their bodies & brains are still developing. All occupants benefit from the filtered fresh air supply, especially those with sensitivities or who have illnesses such as asthma. People with sensitivities to pollen, bushfire smoke or air pollution now can breathe more easily without being impacted by the outdoor air quality. Carbon-dioxide builds up in standard buildings from occupants when the windows are closed ie.during cold weather, which can attribute to reduced cognitive function & other health issues. Take a look at this article


A Passive House certified ventilation system delivers fresh air silently to every occupied space & exhausts stale air, moisture & odours.


With accoustic seperation from street & neighbours due to insulation, sealing & high performance windows, occupants will never miss a minutes sleep due to noise pollution.

Environmental responsibility

Lower your carbon footprint for climate change mitigation. Passive House buildings allow for energy reductions of up to 90% compared with typical existing buildings & over 75% compared with average best-practice constructions. The addition of a solar PV system, to produce the remaining energy needs of your home, would result in a zero energy home. Surplus energy produced could be sold back to the grid* or used to charge your electric vehicle.(*to offset the carbon you use personally outside of your home. eg. Airflights )

Financial investment

Due to the greatly reduced heating & cooling costs, PH certified buildings are less expensive to operate providing a longterm assurance of affordability. As the Passive House certified buildings are less expensive to operate,  are healthier for their occupants & not subject to structural damage from moisture/mould build-up, they are more desirable to own or rent than their standard counterpart. This results in the PH building being a more valuable asset & will achieve a better resale value. The Australian government has legislated mandatory disclosure of energy consumption of homes at time of sale for the ACT & there is push to make the legislation nationwide as has been done in the USA & European countries.

The Passive House certified building is an upfront investment in high quality & high performance. Some banks are now recognising that Passive House is a good long-term investment they are offering reduced interest rates on borrowing. More information here: www.bankaust.com.au/personal/borrow/home-loans/clean-energy-home-loan/

Easy to operate

Passive House certified buildings are designed so the fabric (walls, floor, roof, windows, shading) works to keep the building comfortable. It doesn’t need expensive control systems. It’s about careful design, simple & durable systems & precise & quality construction.


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