What is a building designer?

Building Designers come from many different trade & professional backgrounds including architecture, interior design, drafting & building etc. They are generally focused on providing affordable & practical solutions to a clients building needs. For peace of mind use a Building Designer accredited by the BDAA. Accredited designers are committed to continued professional development.

What services can Mattinson Design Studio provide?

Mattinson Design Studio is a Sustainable Building Design business that provide the following services subject to the project needs:

  • Formulation of client brief-establish their needs & the objectives of the project
  • Guide client with sustainability goals
  • Site Analysis- a study of the environment that the proposed development will sit. It identifies the sites’ assets ie sun access & liabilities ie road noise. It assists to determine which design approach & building methodology would be most appropriate
  • Check through the applicable local Govt or state Govt.planning rules & BCA compliance (Building Code Australia)
  • Establish if the project will need approval through the local Council as a Development Application or as a CDC, under the State government Complying Development approval process. Complying development is a combined planning and construction approval for development that meets pre-determined development standards.
  • Advise my clients on how the ‘Passive House’ methodology of building will benefit them, versus other current building methodologies in Australia. Read more at resources tab
  • Concept design drawings
  • Organise a preliminary budget estimate
  • Design development
  • Collaborate with consultants eg.thermal assessors, heritage consultants, structural engineer etc
  • DA – Development Application drawings / documentation & application or
  • CDC – Complying Development drawings / documentation & application
  • Construction certificate drawings/ construction documentation & co-ordination  consultants documentation
  • Drawings & specification for project tendering
  • Interior detailing drawings such as electrical layouts, joinery detailing, bathroom & kitchen detailing etc
  • Prepare schedules as required for fittings & finishes for builder
  • Assist client with evaluation of potential builders and or specialists for the construction of their project
  • Construction liaison, we can be the first contact with the builder during construction, discuss issues & questions as they arise & help find solutions.This assists in bringing the design detail to fruition & reduces the stress of the building process for the client.
  • Site visits during construction


Things you may like to consider

  • Zoning your home to reduce heating & cooling demands & create private or communal spaces
  • Flexibility of room uses & multi purpose spaces
  • Re-use & re-purpose of buildings & or materials
  • Proposed energy usage & solar photovoltaic systems
  • Rainwater tanks & or water re-use systems
  • Healthy interior air quality by selecting low VOC finishes, avoiding products that produce toxic gases & facilitating good ventilation
  • Future electric car & charging requirements
  • Inter-generational living
  • Universal access for ageing in place

 As the designer I also take into account:

  • Does the building envelope need to preclude external noise, air pollution or undesirable air temperatures from entering the building?
  • Cross ventilation, appropriate window selection & placement
  • Insulation & sealing the building to reduce unwanted thermal loss & gain
  • Thermal bridging reduction
  • Thermal mass to assist with winter warming & summer cooling
  • Windows & Glazing to assist with winter warming & summer cooling
  • Shading & Sun control
  • Efficient heating & cooling devices, passive & mechanical
  • Home automation to assist with thermal comfort etc
  • Energy efficient lighting & appliances
  • Energy efficient hot water heating
  • Prevent the incidence of mould growth by controlling the building envelope
  • Selecting building materials with low embodied energy
  • Environmentally & Socially responsible building materials – Seek out certified standards for sustainable resource extraction & fair labor practices
  • Water efficient devices
  • Longevity & durability of new building materials & how to extend their lifespan
  • Most appropriate building system & materials to meet the clients needs & the sites constraint
  • Waste reduction during construction & operation
  • Enhance positive impact & reduce negative impact on neighbours & streetscape


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